Our Fees

Different Types of Service Fees to Meet Your Needs

We believe that everyone deserves to have access to proper legal representation. RNC Legal offers a variety of unique alternative fee structures to fit everyone’s needs and financial abilities.

Traditional Hourly Billing

Traditional hourly billing structures are good for those who need full-service representation. Leave your stress at the door, we will handle the rest so you can focus on what’s important.

A La Carte Services (Unbundled / Consulting Services)

A La Carte Services are available for specific tasks. Perhaps you only want or need help with accomplishing certainĀ tasks and want to take the rest on for yourself.

Flat Fee Services

Sometimes a flat fee for a specific legal service is reasonable. The advantageĀ of a flat fee service is the advanced notice of exactly how much you can expect to spend on fees.

Legal Financing

There are a variety of companies that offer legal financing to help you afford the representation you need. Also, sometimes, when in the course of litigation, it may be possible to force the other party to pay your attorney’s fees. We are prepared to advised you on the different possibilities and options available to you.