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When people suffer significant injury in a motor vehicle collision, they often endure painful injuries that result in temporary or permanent disability and expensive medical and rehabilitative expenses. When you cannot work because you are recovering, the financial pressure form medical expenses and other bills can be extremely stressful.

When confronting the physical, emotional and financial challenge of dealing with a car accident, those injured in motor vehicle collisions must be careful to avoid compromising their legal claims for financial compensation. Some presume that they can deal directly with the insurance company from the negligent driver’s insurance company, but the insurance adjuster’s job is to protect the interest of the insurance company, and they do this by compensating as little as possible, or sometimes, nothing at all. The other driver’s insurance company will have a team of investigators, experts and attorneys at their disposal, whose goals are to find a justification for denying an injury victim’s claim or paying the least amount possible. When a car accident victim attempts to negotiate with insurance company adjusters without legal representation, their personal injury claim can be undermined in numerous ways.

If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, or by some negligent act of another, there are deadlines that must be met to avoid compromising your right to financial recovery. Don’t risk your right to obtaining the maximum possible financial recovery. Call RNC Legal today for a free consultation today – You don’t pay unless we recover!