About Us

Business Formation, Transactions, and Litigation

About Us

RNC serving individuals and small businesses throughout Florida.

RNC Legal is a full-service civil litigation law firm, serving individuals and small businesses throughout Florida. Our value lies in our commitment to our clients, the law, and our community.

We have one goal – to help our clients accomplish their goals. We achieve this by devoting our expertise and experience to understanding each client’s unique and specific needs. Our team then develops custom-tailored, strategic solutions to meet those needs in the most effective and affordable manner.

Business - Family - Personal Injury & Immigration Law Firm

RNC Legal offers a wide-range of custom-tailored services to meet all of our clients

We also understand that the litigation process can be a very long, trying experience, and that strategy is everything. Because of this, our dynamic team is built around efficiency and client-focused services. Our team will manage your matters for you, provide routine updates, and work towards a speedy resolution, all while helping to keep your stress and costs low.

We know that finding the right lawyer can be challenging and is an important decision. We believe that prospective clients should have the ability to meet their lawyer before receiving a bill, which is why in many instances we offer a free initial consultation. We find that this gives our prospective clients the peace of mind to make an informed decision without any extra unnecessary stress. We welcome all inquiries at no obligation or cost and look forward to speaking with you soon!

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